Being unemployed really sucks

But it happens to the best of us!

And being employed can be kind of a drag, too, sometimes.

And if you are working, you’ll probably end up learning some serious life lessons.

People shared what they learned from being employed.

1. Very true.

Let it sink in.

2. Find your place.

No matter how long it takes.

3. It’s okay to be selfish.

Look out for #1.

4. Keep that in mind.

Something to think about.

5. Pretty much.

But sometimes you do meet real friends at work.

6. Gotta be happy.

Keep working on it!

7. Are we really family?

Maybe not…

8. A hot take.

Some people feel this way.

9. Here we go again.

You hear that one a lot.

10. Don’t want to mess that up.

Just keep it professional.

What did unemployment teach you?

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