Do you ever feel unattractive?

I know I do sometimes.

But I have good news! It turns out we might have been hot without even knowing it. My evidence? This thread on Reddit.

What is something non-sexual that your partner does that really turns you on?
byu/LorryToTheFace inAskReddit

There is all kinds of stuff in here about the things people say their male partners do that drive them wild. Maybe one of them applies to you?

1. Bon appetit!

The sound she makes when she takes the first bite of a meal I made her. Dunno why, it just drives me nuts.

– 8andimpala

2. That smile…

When she just looks at me and smiles.

My fiancée is beyond beautiful to me, all the d**n time, and it doesn’t matter if she’s dressed to the nines or in her pyjamas with a sloppy ponytail, the second she smiles at me the rest of the world falls away!

My girls too hot, and I’m one lucky son of a b**ch to have her in my life.

– ReaverRogue

3. My clothes, your clothes

When my girlfriend wears any of my clothes. Idk what it is but f**k it drives me crazy.

She honestly has a better sense of style then I do and I love her in her outfits as well.

But the other night she was wearing my shorts and shirt and I just melted.

– kiwi1325

4. The blush

Playing with her hair and the way she hides her smile when I make her blush.

– thatguyoverthere947

5. Jiggles

The little butt jiggle when she’s putting on pants.

– LeakysBrother

6. The new look

She recently got glasses, and I love when she wears them. Also got a new job where the uniform looks like a barista uniform, and I really love seeing her in it

– little-b**tard-man

7. Deep clean

Wife’s got a pretty juicy butt and when she cleans around the house I get a free show.

– bigpapahugetim3

8. Just messin’ with ya

The way she says “yeah?” after messing with me sometimes. We were friends for years before we dated and I’ve always teased her and I’ve done it so much more since we got together.

The first time she seriously messed with me she made me feel so bad about a joke I made. I thought she was seriously hurt by it and I was almost in tears I felt so bad. She started laughing and said she was just f**king with me. I said something like that was cruel and she said “yeah?” With so much satisfaction and self-pride combined with the most smug smile I’ve ever seen.

If she wasn’t driving I would have thrown myself on her right then. She does it the same way every time and it melts me more and more every time

– N8DuhGr8


I know this will be weird but I love it when my woman starts talking s**t when she plays online games it’s biggest turn on for me she can even talk s**t to me and it’ll turn me on.

– Nooblover420

10. The ritual

If I walk behind her and DON’T grab her butt, she clears her throat in mock disgust, and I must go back for a quick makeout session to make things right.

– Looking4clues_C-137

11. Goodminton

My girlfriend always tells me that she gets turned on watching me play badminton.

Guess who’s never going to stop playing badminton now?

– t**tyf**k_00

12. The caveman

When she comes back home all sweaty from working out in her leotards.

Her: “Ewww, I must smell horrible!”

Me: “Sniff…sniff… I smell woman. Me want woman, NOW!”

– xenosthemutant

13. I pinch

She crab walks (like a defensive slide while opening and closing her hands like claws) in and out of rooms sometimes when it’s just the two of us.

– yungjaquellus

14. The inner child

Acting childish.

We were at Disneyland and I was recording our surrounding and she came bunny hopping into view and starting posing funnily for the camera.

Not really a turn on but something I absolutely adore about her.

– MisterSpreadEm

15. Yes, sir!

She always tells me “You’re the boss!”, although, or more probably because, she knows I won’t take advantage of it.

– mellow_eldritch

16. Focus up

When she’s real focused on something and she bites her fingernails.

– cyainanotherlifebro

17. Morning glory

When I wake up in the morning, and I see her looking at me…

Then she smiles…

Married 31 years and she still amazes me – I am a lucky man.

– daishomaster

18. First blush

Okay hear me out.. Her laugh and her blushing…. I don’t know what it is.

– ballisticpotat0

19. In the hood

When she steals my plain grey hoodies.

Seriously i have no clue why but seeing her in one of those oversized hoodies never fails to put me in the mood and or bring a smile to my face .

– Teyrnon815

20. Being *almost* naked

Panties and a tank top, or just shorts and a tank top. Knowing that one barely there layer of clothing is all that’s hiding the goods.

My girl doesn’t understand. I tell her its like christmas when you’re unwrapping that “one gift” you wanted. The paper is torn and you know by the size, shape and heft thats one thin layer separates you from total joy.

Of course you know what it is. Of course its already yours….but not quite yet!

– Advent_Reaper

21. Snap a pic

Her right after a workout or her post workout selfies cause she knows I love it.

– HorrorNet9710

22. Let’s jam

When she dances and sings along to my music in the passenger seat

– kimchi003

23. Hypothetically speaking

Knowing she might exist one day turns me on so much

– SnooHobbies5910

24. The straight face

Immediate straight face when she’s shocked/confused.

Always kills me.

– LittleMacAteBigMac

25. Playing with her hair

Her hair is super long and pretty and she’ll braid it while were watching tv or brushes it and i love it.

– sbashe5

26. The cozy hoodie

My ex would take my hoodies and wear them with her PJs.

Idk why, she would insist on MY hoodies and watching her bundle up on the couch all comfy cozy was just too adorable

– jrocbb

27. Gardening

She comes in the house all sweaty and covered in dirt, her hair a bit disheveled and she smells like wet earth.

Plus watching her bent over the vegetable garden gives me plenty of amazing views.

– kor_hookmaster

28. The night in

For me, it’s when my girlfriend puts in a lot of effort to have a comfy night in.

For her it’s apparently when I put my arm on the back of her seat to back up the car, or when I have to reach up high to grab something (back muscles, I guess?)

– Soulfighter56

29. Workin’ out

When she does physical work or workout.

She positively glows after and I wanna put the kids to bed or send them to grandma’s or just turn the tv on real loud…

– ShaoLimper

30. The tilt

She does this look where she slightly tilts her head and bites her lower lip and it drives me crazy.

– Abysmalmass

31. The little things

Being kind and rubbing my hand with his finger.

– pinkitbop

32. Nice and clean

He loves to wash my hair.

Sometimes he’ll jump in the shower with me and the way he so tenderly makes sure to get every strand, even behind my ears… it makes me feel like the most adored and precious thing on the planet.

– soapdishlunch

33. That’s all, folks!

When he laughs at my jokes I feel like the funniest woman in the world!

– chataround

34. Delicious


I love when he makes me dinner and it turns out amazing.

– iNuttedInShrek

35. I approve

When he does something and he’s proud of himself, he always looks at me or gets my attention and he just reminds me of a little kid who needs to be praised!

It’s adorable though, I love it. It means my approval matters to him 🙂

– truelovemaureen

36. You’re welcome

His cute smile when I compliment him

– pmursmile

37. Being an awesome dad

He plays with our son, the little one’s face lights up like a Christmas tree, they laugh like crazy.

I observe from the other side of the room, my heart gets filled with love, but in my mind we are all alone, and I’m stripping him down already.

– PasionatelyRational

38. Can’t stand it

When he stands. Omg.

He can just stand there with his hands in his pockets, waiting for me. It’s… Yes. It really is the best.

– Ami1Misaki

39. Shower down

Right after he takes a shower.

The wet hair and towel look.

– copper_rabbit

40. ‘Sup?

The whole “nonchalantly leaning on a door frame in rolled sleeves” thing.

I love muscle on a guy, and subtly showing that off is so hot

– bipolar-butterfly

41. When he’s working on my car

He’s all dirty and rolling around on the creeper… I just wanna hop on top and ride him into the sunset… like D**NNNN BABEEEEE HOWWW ARE YOU SO FINEEEE…. bout to crash on the way home just to watch him work on it.

– coppertop199

42. Domestic bliss

when he pushes the shopping cart (specifically around target, lol). that shit makes me wanna jump on him. basically anything simple and domestic

– shecouldnever

43. Getting heavy

Operating heavy equipment and driving trucks.

He worked for a municipality so when I was around town and see him in a loader or truck… omg, getting tingly just thinking about it! He also worked for local farmers and drove tractor & combine.

Crazy sexy!

– thalsty1971

44. Cat scratch fever

He has a cat and will periodically proclaim “ARE YOU A GOOD BOY? Yes.” to his cat. Out of nowhere.

He also pays a ton of attention to my cats when he’s at my place.

I LOVE that he just genuinely cares about other critters.

– AmateurG

45. Gettin’ it done

When he puts a pencil behind his ear just before starting to mark out something DIY related.

That just bites lip ummmm

– happyscatteredreader

46. Good at home

Makes me dinner (he’s a great cook), fixes stuff, builds stuff…any work with his hands usually gets me.

– foolish42

47. Focus up

Just seeing him walk… I can’t explain it, his broad shoulders swaying is just really sexy.

Also watching him be really focused on something like building stuff or working to the computer.

How he focuses on something for so long still amazes my ADHD brain.

– One_Memory458

48. Respect

When he stretches a bit and his shirt kinda goes up and shows a bit of his stomach.

I am looking respectfully ???

– dentist3214

49. A nice trim

Trimming his beard, fresh out of the shower just walking around looking cute unintentionally

– tinyfeetAX

50. Bury me now

Oooh, when I’m making tea/coffee or just relaxing on the couch and he comes up behind me and puts his arms around me and buries a kiss in my neck.

Amazing feeling.

– deftonesgirl

51. Wearing shorts

My husband is this huge fat guy but has amazingly ripped calves.

He also usually wears dress pants, so when I see his sexy calves in shorts, I get the vapours

– LadyXaviaraH

52. Massages

My guy will give me a massage and rub my upper back neck. He’s not trying anything frisky, he is just trying to get rid of any knots I may have. He gets me all loosened up and the blood starts flowing right down to my key girl parts. And since I am enjoying being pampered, I am making some very appreciative sounds which gets HIM all hot and bothered. When I am all loosey goosey I will lean back into him and I notice that he is like “oh hey, hello” if you catch my drift.

Also when he grabs his sons (cats) and is being all super cute cat daddy.

He will hold them in his lap and scratch and kiss their heads and they mash their fuzzy little faces into his beard and moustache.

– SouthPaw7896

53. Come to my defence

When he actually yelled at my roommate for disrespecting me.

He was super angry and isn’t much of a yeller.

When he came back to our bedroom, I told him “d**n that was sexy.”

– icats77

54. The giggles

My GF once told me she is really turned on when I giggle. After I reasonable told her that’s what a stalker serial killer would say, she promptly retorted “Well who do you think followed you before we met, and what the f**k do you think is in my basement captain obvious”

And oh boy did it take a lot of willpower not to giggle.

– YotenSchmote

55. His vocabulary

He always uses such exquisite words.

Truly brings truth to the quote from DPS: Language was invented for one reason, boys – to woo women – and, in that endeavor, laziness will not do.

– tanser

56. The list

Whenever he:

•Speaks in his “sleepy voice”

•Goes on long rants about topics he’s passionate about

•Fixes things from home appliances to technology

•Gives a brief, but thoughtful speech about how much our relationship means to him (my primary love language is words of affirmation)

– shaycode

57. The special touch

When my partner and I first started dating, we visited his hometown and he drove me around. As he was driving he would occasionally just wordlessly place his hand on my thigh, not with sexual intent, just in a comforting way. For some reason it felt like the hottest thing I had ever experienced!

Also kind of an offshoot of that, but I’ve heard it’s a pretty common thing for women to find find it insanely attractive when a man is reversing a car and puts his arm on the backseat as he turns his body to do so, lol. I guess there’s just something about a man who’s a good driver.

– sailorsappho

58. The waiting

I don’t know man, I think it’s when he bends over on purpose waiting for me to smack his **s that really turns me on.

– WombDrinker

59. The quiet ones

Talking about his past. He is a sealed book and when he does open up a little, it’s mesmerizing.

– Werliest

60. Stand at attention

When he is either just standing/in his military uniform or when he’s just doing little things.

Biting his lip/sticking out his tongue as he works on something on his computer.

Or the little smile he gets when he’s thinking about something or looking at me.

Or just the little things he does when we goof around because he loves to see me happy.

D**n I love my fiancé.

– Ravenwatcher22

I think there’s hope for all of us.

What’s a little thing your partner does that gets you hot and bothered?

Tell us in the comments.