It’s sad but true that women need to take extra precautions when they travel by themselves.

But besides the safety issues, these recommendations are all about experiencing great places with plenty to do and see.

Here are 7 of the best places for women to travel solo as recommended by ladies who have been there and done that.

1. Costa Rica

Stacy Schwartz quit her full-time job to travel and she eventually founded her own company, Ketanga Fitness Retreats. One spot she highly recommends for women traveling solo is the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

Schwartz says, “There are options to go to highly-visible, touristy areas or explore less-traveled areas depending on your level of comfort.” The country’s people are welcoming, the weather is great, and you can hit a variety of natural spots including beaches and rainforests.

2. Mt. Koyasan, Japan

Shannon Ullmann has done more than her fair share of traveling around the world and she firmly believes that women traveling alone should add Mt. Koyasan in Japan to their list of places to see.

The small town is a five-hour train ride from Tokyo and travelers are able to stay in a Buddhist temple and witness traditional rituals.

Ullmann says, “You’ll sleep on a traditional floor futon and monks will deliver vegetarian meals and sake to your room. You can bathe in the traditional, shared baths, and take a guided meditation class in the mornings. If you really want to get in touch with yourself, this is the place to do it.”


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3. Tuscany, Italy

Travel agent Kim Hart stayed in the small Tuscan town of Cortona (featured in the film Eat, Pray, Love) and she enjoyed the experience so much that she recommneds it highly for solo women travelers.

Hart says of her experience, “I felt completely comfortable in these small towns walking around by myself as they were easy to navigate and people were welcoming, friendly, and helpful. It was nice to return to a home base each day as well. There was plenty of shopping, eating, and wine-tasting in the small towns, and it was a leisurely trip where I could really soak up the culture.”

4. Mykonos, Greece

Kiersten Likkel of Cruise Specialties has visited more than 70 countries and she can’t recommended a solo trip to Mykonos in Greece highly enough.

She says to not only hit the beautiful beaches there but to enjoy the local wine and the delicious food, especially the fresh fish.

One safety tip Likkel did offer up is to keep a close eye on your purse because pick-pocketing is common in Mykonos.


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5. Ireland and Northern Ireland

Stacy Schwartz says that Ireland and Northern Ireland are ideal places for women traveling alone because the people are friendly and eager to show visitors around, there is a ton of natural beauty to experience, and there is no language barrier for English speakers.

Schwartz says of the Emerald Isle, “Driving on the left side of the road may be a bit intimidating, so I loved signing up for a day trip to see the places that stood out to me. As a lifelong equestrian, I came across a stable in the Irish countryside where I was welcome to ride, eat, and stay. I think Ireland is a great stepping stone for newbies to solo travel from the U.S. because of the lack of language barrier, the modern culture, and welcoming attitude.”


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6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Kiersten Likkel says that even though Ho Chi Minh City (formerly called Saigon) is far away for most people, the trip is definitely worth it. Likkel notes that Vietnam is a very affordable country and the locals are friendly and many want to practice their English with foreigners.

And the food is wonderful. Likkel says, “Wander the boulevards of this burgeoning city at your own pace, stop to eat just about anywhere your nose leads you, and treat yourself—over and over—to the wonderfully affordable and hospitable day spas throughout the city.”

And you’ll probably make new friends in a hurry. She says, “You’ll also find adventurous global travelers who are just as likely to strike up a conversation or invite you along to do something new.”


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7. Porto, Portugal

Likkel also suggests Porto, Portugal as a destination for women traveling by themselves. The historic city is known for its beauty, food, and wine.

Likkel says, “Explore this gorgeous city at your own pace, taking as much time as you want to wander the hilly streets admiring the architecture and colorful tiling. Enjoy the bustling Douro waterfront atmosphere while sipping delicious port wine straight from the source.”


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