You’ve probably heard of (and hopefully tried) New York pizza and Chicago pizza, but now it’s time to introduce yourself to…Spokane pizza.

Mythical Chef Josh shared a video on Twitter showing how he made a Spokane-style pizza (that’s in Washington, people) that features such ingredients as canned salmon, cheese, and strawberries.

Take a look at Josh preparing and sampling this creation.

Folks on Twitter had some pretty intense reactions to this pizza.

One person said,

“I’d like to report a pizza crime.”

Another added,

“Someone call the cops…”

While another viewer argued,

“It’s gotta be easier to just leave Spokane than issuing these obvious cries for help.”

A local person said,

“This is NOT a Spokane style pizza. I’ve lived here for over 40 years and this is not a thing. This has to be the worst tasting pizza ever concocted and should not have Spokane’s good name tarnished by it.”

It seems like Josh might have been pulling a fast one for some laughs…

And he fired back at the people of Spokane for how upset they got about this.

Oh boy, this promises to get ugly…

What do you think about this? And what’s your favorite kind of pizza?

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