It wasn’t an emergency by any definition, but an elderly man was frustrated enough with setting up his new cell phone that he decided he needed more expert help. So he picked up his old school landline and made a call to his son Bobby. But he dialed the wrong number and got a total stranger instead.

The stranger is a Twitter user named Tim. He detailed the cute tale so we can relax a little knowing at least a few of our locked down seniors are getting looked after.

Here, Tim gets the phone call from a man he’s never met before.

As  soon as he answers the phone, the man calls him “Bobby” and tells him he has to make a trip to the cell phone shop.


Tim had to break it to the old man that he wasn’t his son Bobby. But he empathized with the son who clearly told his dad to stay home at all costs to stay healthy. So he suggested they call the cell service company’s technical support and they all worked together to get the phone up and working.


There were a few hiccups, but soon all was resolved. Bobby’s dad was very appreciative.


Really appreciative. Turns out the man needed to catch up with his Facebook people.


This cow in Iowa says what we’re all thinking. Cow are so expressive.

Other tweets expressed their gratitude that he kept someone from venturing out and putting themselves at risk. It’s a common battle being played out all over the globe between parents and their adult children.


Tim, you’re a true gentleman. And you love your mama!


These are the kinds of acts that will get us through this. Neighbor helping neighbor. Sons looking after fathers.

If there’s a silver lining during these difficult times, it’s that even though we may be self-isolating, we’ve become closer than ever.