As you probably know, looking for a job is usually an exercise in frustration. Sending out countless cover letters and resumes and hearing nothing back takes a toll on a person.

In other words, we need all the help we can get.

Which is why an 8-year-old girl took it upon herself to write a reference letter for her mom after she learned that her job was going to be eliminated.

The young girl’s letter is very sweet and the story went viral, for obvious reasons. Cindy Rose shared her daughter’s adorable reference letter on LinkedIn.

The letter said:

“To Whom It May Concern. I am writing this letter of reference to tell you why you should choose my mom for your job. My mom Cindy Rose has been a nurse for 26 years. For all the jobs she has had … she has been fantastic at them. She cooperates with other people, she is very hard working, kind, and is much focused.

If you give her a task she will do it very nicely. She will make sure everything is in the right place. If there is someone sick or hurt she will take good care of them. She will also motivate people to do their work. My mom makes sure that moms and babies are the healthiest they can be. My mom is a business director but apparently jobs had to be removed to save money. She will do anything to help a nurse or doctor take care of a patient.

She would never be rude or neglect a patient or co-worker. She will make sure nothing is poor anywhere she works.


Sadie Rose”

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Cindy gets hired by a company very soon!

That’s a very wholesome story, wouldn’t you agree? Let us know what you think in the comments!