If you need a good laugh, and who doesn’t, Ryan Reynolds is your man.

The actor and comedian has a hilarious take on his life as father to three daughters and he doesn’t mind sharing his unfiltered thoughts on his favorite platform Twitter.

To that end, we bring you 9 of his funniest tweets on being a dad.

1. Traveling with a baby in tow is one of his dad challenges.

2. He likes to talk about all the veggies his kids love to eat.

3. He acknowledges he can’t let his kids watch all of his movies.

4. He doesn’t like when the kids want to surprise him.

5. He’s there for the mother of his children…eating gummy bears and scratching himself.

6. He’d do anything for his kids…well a few things.

7. He doesn’t like Paw Patrol.

8. His glass is half-full.

9. He’s never afraid to be the first in the family to try something fun.

10. Yeah, I’ve seen these and they really are bad.

11. Play adult games. Pay adult prices.

12. Who’s winning at parenting? Ryan Reynolds is!

As the saying goes, anyone can be a father…apparently? Kidding! We’re sure Reynolds makes a good, if not inappropriate, dad, providing for his children just like the state mandates.

And, we’re sure the girls will grow up normal and appreciative of their old man. Hey, therapy can work miracles. Hang in there, kids!

Okay, we want to know what you think of these tweets. Share your fave in the comments.

Thanks fam!