The COVID19 (coronavirus) pandemic has forced a lot of changes in our habits and way of life. Former office workers are working from home in order to practice the recommended social distancing necessary to flatten the curve.

Sadly, many workers have also been laid off and have applied for unemployment benefits to weather the economic fallout of this pandemic.

But humans are also more resilient than we think. Amateur and professional comedians, parents who are new to working at home, and many others are preserving their sense of humor as we all adjust to our new normal. Here are some memes that stand out, and will hopefully give you a laugh as you hunker down.

15. This Tic Tac Toe Game


14. Please DO NOT Start a Podcast

She has a point!


13. This Reminder To Wash Your Hands

(Just not like this!)

12. Social Distancing With Swords

11. A Summary of Sensible Advice

10. The State of Art Galleries During COVID19


9. Quarantine And The Living is Easy!

At least for whoever is lucky enough to isolate here.


8. Check Out This Handy Guide to Hand Dryers!

Cartoonists are creating lovely humorous pieces of work.

7. This Positive Take

6. A Tired Kitty Gets Some Rest

5. Letters From the Corona War

Straight from the front lines!

4. A Sinister Reference to The Shining


3. The Brazilian #StayHomeChallenge

You’re supposed to kick a roll of toilet paper without letting it fall to the ground.


2. Queen Elizabeth in Quarantine

1. A Make-Up Mask

Not meant as a protective device, but this could be a great art project for budding make-up arts that need a project while they stay home.


We’re likely to see more of these memes as parents, unemployed folks, and performers come up with fun ways to try to make sure people have a laugh and stay safe. In the meantime, avoid going out if you have the option of working from home, and remember to wash your hands.

Are there any memes we missed? Drop them in the comments for some wholesome fun to keep our spirits up.