Pauline Kana may be 93-years-old, but, judging by the evidence, she’s very young at heart. Kana and her 27-year-old grandson Ross Smith make great photos and videos together and they like to dress up in ridiculously funny outfits.

And these two have blown up and they have millions of followers across their social media pages.

Let’s see the two of these goofballs in action.

1. This is intense.

2. Up, up, and away.

3. God bless America.

4. Toy Story for the win!

5. All decked out.

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We won Social Media Entertainers Of The Year! I’m so proud of you granny ❤️? I cant believe how much our lives have changed the last 5 years. I never would have imagined that my 92 year old grandma, who grew up very poor and worked at a bomb factory in WW2- would have become an internet sensation, & someone who has spread smiles all around the world! I also want to say thank you so much to our incredible fans. You have supported us since day one, through the good and that bad videos. We love all of you, and couldn’t have done any of this without you. And thanks to @socialawards for putting on this beautiful show and bringing us to Prague for it ?? (Slide screen to watch the video)

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6. City of Lights.

7. A lot going on in this one.

8. Happy Easter!

9. Living history.

10. On the gridiron.

11. Boozin’ it up.

12. Don’t do it!

13. Still got love for the streets.

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Who wore it better? #iloveitchallenge

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14. See you in the kitchen.

15. Fun on the farm.

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Caption this ⬇️ #GrannyGothic ??

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