We all know the best gifts aren’t the ones that we put under the tree, and one Santa demonstrated this perfectly.

Meet Matthew Wolf. He LOVES Santa Claus.

Photo Credit: Facebook/misty.diann

So Matthew’s mom, Misty, took him to visit the jolly old fellow and made sure Santa knew Matthew’s conditions.

“He is blind and autistic and really interested in Santa,” Misty whispered.

“Say no more,” said St. Nick.

Santa “immediately got down on the floor” to greet Matthew and talked to him for quite a while. He even let Matthew feel his face, his beard, his hat. He even talked about his red suit.

Photo Credit: Facebook/misty.diann

Then he asked Matthew if there was anything else he wanted to feel and Matthew said, “Your eyes that twinkle.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/misty.diann

After that he asked Matthew if he wanted to feel a real reindeer.

Naturally, the answer was yes!

Photo Credit: Facebook/misty.diann

What Santa did wasn’t just a kind gesture for Matthew. It made a huge difference for Misty too. Raising children with differences that can cause people to be cruel or indifferent can put a lot of stress on parents, especially when visiting places where a lot of people can be… like Santa Claus.

This Santa knew precisely how to handle the situation, and his acceptance of both Matthew and Misty is an example we should all follow.

Misty summed it up perfectly: “Best Santa ever!”