Are you ready for a wholesome story that will restore your faith in humanity?

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Because you’re about to read a tale of survival and humanity that will put a smile on your face.

And this tale revolves around a dog named Lexi Anne who survived a harrowing ordeal. A fire tore through the house where Lexi Ann lived and took the lives of her puppies, another dog, and two cats. But this brave pooch survived with severe burns all over her body.

Lexi Ann’s owners dropped her off at a shelter to be put to sleep because her burns were so severe, but a vet tech thought there was still hope for the dog so they got in touch with a rescue organization in Minnesota called Ruff Start and the people there took her in.

She ended up with a foster family who documented her recovery on Instagram. And those social media posts grabbed the attention of a firefighter named Travis who decided he wanted to adopt Lexi Ann.

Travis and his family drove 11 hours to pick up Lexi Ann and look how happy and healthy she looks now!

Travis plans to take Lexi Ann to a camp for burn victims to help the people there with their recovery.

This is the kind of heartwarming story you were looking for today, isn’t it?

Is that a great story, or what?

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