Different strokes for different folks, right?

And I guess everyone has their own ideas about what they think a good first date is, huh?

A woman named Amber posted a video on TikTok where she said a guy she met on the dating app Hinge and he asked her to go to Target for their first date.

@amberwavesofbrain Going to Target as a first date #hinge #target #firstdate ♬ original sound – Amber

Here’s what folks on TikTok said about this.

A viewer called it a “green flag”, meaning it was a good sign.

One person think it’s a great idea. They said, “I’ve been saying for ages I think Target is a great first date. You can learn so much about a person based on how they shop at Target.”

And a woman named Brittany added, “I’ve been on a date to Target and it was actually the best date I had with that person. Loved it.”

But one TikTokker wasn’t impressed. They said, “What?? What’s wrong with dinner?”

Amber added a second video and said that the date was “pretty good.” Check out what else she had to say below.

@amberwavesofbrain Reply to @wholeheartedlyme ♬ original sound – Amber

Maybe this will become a trend, who knows?

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