Have you ever wondered what would happen if a lion or other ferocious animal escaped the zoo? Like, how would the zookeepers and staff react toward keeping visitors safe? Do they have a plan in place?

It’s a scary thought and this week the internet brought you the answer. While humorous, this video shows how Japan zoo practices for such a disaster. Toby Zoo located in Ehime takes the safety of their visitors seriously. Annually they create an elaborate “escaped lion” drill. This includes mimicking a loose lion and stopping him with air guns and nets. But that’s not all. The lion? It’s a guy dressed in a furry costume.

Have a peek…

Note that this is a drill is a mandatory event in case this happens in real life, but the internet couldn’t contain their amusement!

Especially with the real lions watching the scene unfold.

Because they’re all like…

“Seriously guys… you think that’s gonna stop us?”


“Because naw… just naw…”

“Btw… roar… or something…”


But yeah, these people know exactly what they’re doing. Sure…

I suppose if wearing a lion costume gets the job done, then I’m all for that!