Dre Greenlaw is known as a remarkable athlete.

He was a star player in football, then earned accolades as an Arkansas Razorback. Even though he was out with a few injuries, he had earned an impressive record during his college play, making as many as 103 tackles in a single college season.

Greenlaw was clearly destined for great things, which is why it’s all the more remarkable that he stood up for another student who was in danger, even when the cost could have been great.

After Greenlaw was drafted by the 49ers, Gerry Daly took to Twitter to tell his story:

At first, this looks like it might be a story about college exploits.

Thankfully, that’s not exactly the case.

She did something a lot of college kids do: she went to a party.

Unfortunately, someone preyed on her vulnerability.

Fortunately, Dre was keeping an eye on his high school friend.

Dre knew that Daly’s daughter was in trouble.

He could have looked away, but he chose to stand up for her.

He could have lost his career.

He did the right thing anyway.

Daly had been reluctant to share the story out of concern for Dre’s reputation.

Dre looked out for a friend. He saw she was vulnerable, and he stepped in to help. He set an example all men should follow.

I’ll be rooting for Dre, and I hope all of you reading this will too!