When Cambry Kaylor, a champion equestrian vaulter, was paralyzed in 2005, she stayed in her beloved sport as a trainer and never lost her love of adventure.


However, what she could do was limited. Wheelchairs have been updated over the years, but they’re still not great for the outdoors, particularly in off-road scenarios.

Zack Nelson has a massive following on YouTube for his MacGyver-like skills. On his channel, Jerry Rig Everything, he builds, repairs, and creates things in ways most people can’t imagine. When Zack and Cambry began dating, she started appearing in his videos, and he focused his skills more on accessibility.


In 2018, he created “The Rig,” a fully-electric, off-road wheelchair that could go just about anywhere, by melding together two electric bicycles.

It’s built using lightweight materials, which keeps the cost down and allows for customization.


It has a quiet electric motor and can reach speeds of 12 MPH for up to 20 miles on a single charge.

The rugged chair can handle most of what the outdoors can bring—snow, sand, the seaside, and hiking trails—with ease.

There’s also room on the chair to carry camping gear, or if you’re using it in the city, groceries.


Soon, people began asking him how they could get one, so he decided to go into business.

Anyone who’s interested can go to notawheelchair.com, pick their colors, tires, and batteries, and Zack will custom build it.


Cambry now uses The Rig everywhere she goes. Those made for the general public will start shipping in November 2020.

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