Who has not dreamed of having a walk-in closet?

Many new houses do have them as do many more modern apartments, but older places generally don’t, as people in the past didn’t have that much stuff. Cue builder Rodolfo Cabrera, who turned his home’s creepy attic into a gorgeous walk-in closet for his wife.

Rodolfo, who has been in the contracting business for about 15 years, spent just three weeks renovating the attic, turning it from a dark, cobwebbed cave into a bright, airy storage and dressing room that anyone would envy. The whole project cost about $30,000.

When his daughter Joserin shared photos of the newly-renovated attic to Twitter, they went viral in a matter of hours. She showed how it looked before the renovation (Pretty creepy, right?) and posted photos at the midway and end points.


She also posted a pic of the sleek, modern steps leading up to to the space—Rodolfo dad built those out, too, along with the master bedroom.


Check out the full tour of the finished product, with a few pieces of furniture added to give it a touch of character.


Twitters were gobsmacked at not only how different it looked but how quickly the project came together. Some wished for a handy spouse all their own.

Others begged Joserin’s dad for lessons.

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