It’s hard to think of our parents and grandparents as having full lives before we came along, but they most certainly did, and some are more surprising than others.

One Twitter user discovered his grandfather was boxer with a potentially successful career ahead of him, only to have it cut short by the mob.

Check out this Goodfellas meets Pulp Fiction tale below. The story begins at his grandfather’s end.

While looking through his grandfather’s history, he had questions.

He had started boxing during WWII.

He was becoming famous.

When he quit, not even his grandmother knew why. He just…stopped.

Before the man’s uncle died, he called him over for a deathbed confession.

It turns out the mob didn’t like his grandfather’s trajectory.

They paid him a visit and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

It was in that moment he made a decision.

He decided to save his family.

The man wanted more information about his grandfather.

He found more than he bargained for!

His grandfather’s story moved him deeply.

And he wanted to share what he had learned.

He decided to tell his mom and gave her something special to remember her dad by.

She had no idea that her father was the man he was before she was born.

Most of all, he was proud of what his grandfather had accomplished.

And he couldn’t love him more.

Just look at those pics!

Everyone has stories of their families that have yet to be uncovered; ask questions while you can.

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