I bet you didn’t see this one coming, did you?!?!

Today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about what they’d do if they found a newborn baby on their doorstep…

And then we want to hear from you in the comments!

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1. Good to know.

“If you go in to most hospitals, if you surrender your newborn to a member of staff for any reason they aren’t allowed to hassle you.

When I was working in the kitchen of a hospital ( they even gave us the training there) if someone hands you a newborn to give up the first thing you say is ‘Thank you’. You have no idea what the person who handed the child off has been through or why they do this and usually it’s a heart wrenching choice for them.

It’s been a few years but I believe afterwards you’re supposed to ask if they want medical attention. But yeah, don’t abandon children on doorsteps. That’s child endangerment.”

2. Here you go.

“I would put it on the neighbor’s porch and call the police.

Now it’s up to them.”

3. Good answer.

“Call the police as well as an ambulance, get the baby wrapped in some warm blanket. Life is no Disney movie.

There has to be a birth certificate or at least an official adoption needs to take place for the baby to get citizenship, personhood etc.”

4. FYI.

“We have a fire station that will take the baby and do all the necessary stuff to find the baby a home.”

5. Sounds like a movie…

“I’m a single professional man, so I move in with two other professional men and raise the baby.”

6. Make that call.

“Call the police because it’s illegal to just abandon a baby at a random house.

And this time of year it would be 911 because an ambulance would also be needed because it’s winter and it’s freezing out.”

7. Okay…

“Take it inside. Call 911. Tell the dog to stop licking the baby. Make sure it was okay. Reiterate to the dog that the baby isn’t to be licked. Try to make sure the baby was warm and fed. Yell at the dog to stop licking the baby.

Take the baby’s temperature to make sureLEELA! STOP LICKING THE BABY! STOP IT! JUST BACK UP! SERIOUSLY! WE GET IT! YOU LIKE THE BABY! WE ALL! GET! IT! Comfort the baby from all the yelling.”

8. You should be horrified.

“I can’t take care of the baby all by myself as a single man in the military.

I would contact authorities immediately.

Also, be horrified.”

9. Wrong house!

“Take it next door to the mother of 4 with grandchildren whose husband is a cop.

I don’t know what do for an infant!!

They should just leave the baby over there in the first place.”

10. Your opportunity.

“I’d call the police, but immediately do whatever paperwork is required to become a foster parent and eventually adopt.

As someone who has dealt with infertility, I couldn’t overlook an opportunity like this.”

11. I can’t do this!

“This isn’t a Disney fantasy.

I’m calling the cops, they’re taking this kid off my hands. I’m not adopting this as my own.

I can barely support myself!”

12. I got nothing…

“If a baby randomly shows up on my doorstep I don’t have any medical history on the kid, I know no information about the kid.

I’d like to help but I got nothing.”

What would you do?

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