It’s a typical situation. Your closet is getting a little cluttered, so you clean it out. Some things you donate, while others you may decide to sell online.

Marc Johnson was doing exactly that. He wanted to get rid of a few neckties, so he put them on eBay. One of them was this tie:

There was only one bidder on the tie: Jaques Campher, who lives in Ohio, according to The Washington Post. Johnson discovered that there was a stain on the tie, though, and decided to disclose that to Campher.

Johnson, a consultant and former CIA officer, was moved.

Campher explained that he was raised by his grandparents in South Africa and was taught to be frugal. Campher told Johnson that he would treasure the tie. Johnson sent the tie and that was that.

Until he received this photo of Campher at his swearing-in ceremony:

A small act of kindness brought these two together. Campher later permitted Johnson to share a photo taken after his ceremony:

Maybe we could all take a moment to remember that we have more in common than we sometimes realize, and there are small kindnesses all around us.