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Here’s the deal: a person who works at a petting zoo took some unusual actions against some teenagers who were behaving badly…and they wanted to know if they were wrong for doing so.

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AITA for allowing two teenagers to be spit on by a llama?

“I work at a petting zoo here, and this weekend we had two teenagers (around 16, boyfriend and girlfriend) who were antagonizing a llama.

I told them “you might want to cut that out! Llamas spit in self-defense.” But they kind of laughed my warning off.

Now, I knew that llama spit was a whole lot worse than they probably thought it was. But I decided not to tell them about that. I figured if they persisted, I’d trust the llama to teach them a lesson.

The llama was being patient. At one point it gave them a “warning spit” (just saliva) and they went “eww” and laughed about it and brushed it off, and then kept going at it.

Finally, the llama had enough…and unleashed its green, defensive spit that llamas are known for. It got the girl square in the face. She dropped to her knees and started retching, and eventually threw up. Her boyfriend was gagging and ran away, towards the building that I was in.

To make things worse for them, I didn’t even let them come in to wash up in the petting zoo’s only bathroom! It was a slow day, so I just locked the doors. I told them I didn’t want that smell inside, and made them leave the farm without washing up.


The girl’s parents called me the next day and yelled at me saying that was too harsh. Maybe it was…I knew that if you don’t wash out llama spit right away the smell sinks into your skin and becomes extremely hard to remove, but I wanted the lesson to sink in as well.”

Lesson learned!

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This Reddit user said that the petting zoo employee is definitely not the *sshole in this situation.

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Another reader agreed that the kids deserved exactly what they got for being jerks and messing with the animal.

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This person said that they think everyone involved in this story did the WRONG thing.

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This Reddit user called the employee an *sshole and said they should have come to the defense of the animal before they allowed it to spit on the kids.

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Lastly, an individual who works in a zoo said that everyone involved was a jerk. It’s pretty clear-cut!

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