Dog people are a different “breed”. It seems as though their hearts are three times the size of non-dog lovers, in my opinion.

Banu Cengiz, a Pharmacist form Turkey, proves my point.

She’s an advocate for dogs looking for homes in a very different wayÔÇöthrough simple love and affection.

She has a small oasis for stray dogs outside her store. They can lay on comfy pads, eat, and drink.

It’s become a safe haven for them.

Well, the news among the strays got out and one particular pup wandered to Cengiz’s pharmacy. But the dog didn’t take to lying down.

Instead, she stood at the door and stared, seemingly awaiting for Cengiz to notice.

From The Dodo:

“She was looking at me. I said, ‘Baby, is there a problem?'”

There was a problem.

The poor thing had a bleeding paw as she had been cut by something. Cengiz, the dog lover she is, invited her in and patched her up.

This perfect little patient showed her appreciation.

Cengiz shared more:

“When I was done, she laid down as if to thank me. She was saying, ‘I trust you.'”

That she does!

Trust goes a long way for strays and somehow this little dog knew Cengiz could help. So much so, this four-legged friend hung out the rest of the day inside the store!

But at the end of the day, it was time to say good-bye. Never an easy feat for Cengiz.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t take her home. I’ve been dealing with street animals for years. I feed them and heal them, and help them find homes when I can.”

Bittersweet, I suppose. But I’m sure this furry patient will be back around to say hello. Except next time, she’ll probably hang out on the dog beds out front.

Cengiz summed it up like thi:

“I do it because they feel. We need to help those who need it. People should teach their children to love and respect animals and nature. Then we can all live together in a beautiful world.”

Well said!