Hamilton is such a huge hit and it continues to be a sought-after ticket no matter what city is hosting the musical.

A history teacher at New Egypt High School in New Jersey named Tom Corby had entered the “Hamilton lottery” to try to win tickets to the show for the past four years but has never had any luck.

Four years…that’s a long time.

Recently, Corby got a HUGE surprise from 30 of his students when they presented him with two tickets to Hamilton as an end-of-the-year present.

The students pitched in $600 to buy two tickets for Corby and his wife. Corby said,

“I was taken aback. It was an unbelievable gesture from an unbelievable group of kids.”

Hanna Downs, the student who posted the video to Twitter, said, “We got this idea because every day in class, Corby got a notification that he didn’t win the lottery. We all felt bad every time we saw that he didn’t win.”

Another student said,

“I don’t think I’ve met a student in the school or any of the past students who doesn’t like him as a person and a teacher, so we all wanted to give back.”

The video went viral and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda even tweeted about Mr. Corby and his kids.

Corby added,

“They have the unbelievable ability to do something like this. The world will be great when we grow old because of kids like this.”

Amen! These kids today look pretty darn impressive to me.