Farmhouse style home design makeovers have been a thing for awhile now – it’s basically what helped Chip and Joanna Gaines launch and build their entire empire. Even though plenty of people are still totally on board, there is a small contingency who are really ready for it to go away.

Like, yesterday.

This entire Twitter account is dedicated to mocking the style, the signs, and the ridiculously “weathered” look, and even if you’re a fan, you’ll still have to laugh.

13. They’re coming straight for chalk paint.

I mean, how dare.

Image Credit: Twitter

12. That’s honestly exactly what it looks like.

I’m never going to be able to unsee it.

Image Credit: Twitter

11. There’s a place for everything.

You just have to find the right one.

Image Credit: Twitter

10. This has to be a joke.

Someone please confirm.

Image Credit: Twitter

9. It costs extra to fill up the containers.

A lot extra these days.

Image Credit: Twitter

8. Now this I can get behind.

A sentiment after my own heart.

Image Credit: Twitter

7. This is just one step too far.

I hope that never falls down in the middle of the night.

Image Credit: Twitter

6. Our ancestors would be turning in their graves.

And perhaps putting hexes on our family.

Image Credit: Twitter

5. It will never be enough.

Admit that to yourself and get some help.

Image Credit: Twitter

4. My house needs to keep its mouth shut.

I just bought it a new HVAC unit.

Image Credit: Twitter

3. This just made me laugh.

Someone did this as a joke but then people bought them.

Image Credit: Twitter

2. It might as well be pine.

Yes, I know those are fighting words.

Image Credit: Twitter

1. We’re gonna be fine.

It’s not real lead poisoning.

Image Credit: Twitter

I mean, I might have a few of these pieces lying around, but this is still funny.

What’s your favorite decorative style? Let us know in the comments – maybe we can make fun of it, too!