If you ask me, ALL nurses need to be paid a lot of money. I’m talking about staff nurses, travel nurses, and all the other kinds, as well.

They do amazing work!

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And this story might surprise some of you, because I didn’t know anything about this.

A travel nurse named Alex Kim posted a video that highlights the enormous wage gap between working as a travel nurse and a staff nurse at a hospital.

Kim works as a pediatric hematology and oncology nurse and, after he made the switch from staff nursing to travel nursing, he shared this video highlighting the differences in pay.

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As a staff nurse, Kim made $827.61 per week compared to the $3,627.53 he’s making every week while working as a travel nurse. Obviously, getting paid nearly $2,800 more PER WEEK is a pretty incredible step up.

Kim said, “Before this, I was living paycheck to paycheck [and] the thought of saving money was just a pipe dream. With my previous position, I also worked an additional two jobs working in outpatient surgery centers for extra cash. I never had time to see my friends or to even go on a vacation since starting my career as a nurse.”

Travel nurses typically work for about 13 weeks in one place before they move on.

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