By the time you reach adulthood, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a scar somewhere on your body. Much of the time, they are forgotten, but for some people, having a scar or birthmark can wreak havoc on their confidence.

One Vietnamese tattoo artist known as Ngoc is helping people regain their self-esteem, one design at a time.

Most people get inked because they want to commemorate a memory on their bodies or just find tattoos beautiful, but there are a select few who want to cover imperfections, like scars or birthmarks, and this is where Ngoc comes in.


I believe that a well-done, beautifully constructed tattoo will not only change a person’s image but also lift their confidence and overcome insecurities.


Ngoc spends much of her time coming up with designs for clients based on what they wish to cover. It is not like designing for normal skin, as only specific shapes and colors will efficiently cover the area, and the imperfections are usually thicker or thinner.


Overall, it’s a more complicated process, but Ngoc is up for the challenge. Her goal is to help people get past their traumas and feel happy and confident in their own skin.


Ngoc has been tattooing for over a decade. She prides herself on her work and makes sure that the design exactly what the client wants, as attempting to fix it at a later date can damage the skin even further.

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