Why couldn’t this be a thing when I was in high school? It would’ve made those four years (five and six for some of my friends) so much more enjoyable.

Every year at North Farmington High School in Michigan, the seniors pull out all the stops for their ID card photos and this year did not disappoint. As a reminder, here’s a pic from a student from the class of 2019.


The guys and gals of the class of 2020 came through yet again and dressed up as their favorite pop culture characters and of course, the pics went viral. As they should.

Let’s take a look!

1. This is on another level.

2. Crazy Broke Asians.


3. Going waaaaaay back for this one.


4. As a horror movie fan, I approve.

5. But do you have a British accent?


6. She is not messing around.


7. Yes, they do.

8. I like this a whole lot.

9. This is very specific.

10. You can never go wrong with a reference from The Office.

11. I hope you also get free cheeseburgers.

12. Yes! Napoleon Dynamite will always be funny.

13. I will call you that from now on!


14. A lot of work went into this.


15. Okay, you win…

Like I said, I’m jealous that these kids got to have such a good time with their student IDs.

For mine, I just stared blankly into the camera wearing the latest checkered shirt from Structure.

I can’t say I miss those days…