Sometimes, you read stories about the experiences of people and you just scratch your head because they seem so unbelievable. Or ridiculous.

And that’s definitely the case with a young woman named Dee who took to Twitter to share her own story. Dee’s story represents how the unfair justice system in America is tilted against poor people of color and how the “school to prison” pipeline is a very real thing in this country.

This is how Dee started her story.

Dee’s story illustrates how very minor transgressions can follow black people even after they leave school.

The story got even more ridiculous when Dee tried to clear up the whole truancy issue that was several years old by this point.

Obviously, Grace did not go to the department to risk arrest. She later found out the charge was eventually closed. But she was also outraged by the stupidity of the whole process.

Finally, Dee commented about how her story is not unique among black people and she referenced the recent story of a teenager named Grace who was sent to juvenile hall for not doing her homework during the pandemic.

Do you have any stories similar to Dee’s?

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