A TikTok influencer named Audrey Peters says that she was banned from eBay because there was supposedly a discrepancy in her account on the website.

The email Peters received from eBay said, “Based on the risk involved with your eBay business, this suspension is permanent. Your account will remain restricted indefinitely and you will be unable to buy/sell items, or engage in member-to-member communication. Unfortunately, there will not be an opportunity to appeal this decision as the safety of our community is a top priority for us.”

Take a look at what she said in this TikTok video to address the situation.

@audreypeters @ebay this isn’t right ? send help #ebay #MoveWithTommy #takeaNAIRbreak #nailart #arttok #ComeDanceWithMe #ByeByeSundayBlues ♬ original sound – Audrey Peters?

And people who saw Peters’ video spoke up.

One person commented,

“At this rate you may as well file a class action lawsuit against them.”

Another person argued,

“Have a lawyer draft a letter with intent to sue if they don’t give you your funds.”

Another viewer could relate to the situation: “It happened to me as well!!! Keep us updated on how it goes please.”

And someone else added, “They banned my eBay account and I had over 18k reviews. No explanation and that was back when you could call someone.”

Peters’ video must have caused a bit of a stink because an eBay spokesperson later said, “eBay thoroughly investigated this situation and was pleased to be able to reverse the account suspension, quickly release the customer’s funds, and is working with the customer to correct the underlying issue with the account.”