Having a pet is like having constant access to live entertainment. Have you ever heard of “puppy TV?” Yeah, it’s a real thing, and it applies to cats and kittens too.

Who needs to watch Netflix when you’ve got a little furry friend doing totally weird and unexpected stuff all the time? Sometimes their behavior is enough to make you laugh out loud.

This little cutie named Indy is no exception. As you can see, he’s a beautiful orange and white cat with a penchant for trying new things.

His owner captured this adorable video of Indy’s curiosity getting the better of him. What is this giant piece of equipment in the living room? Indy was on the case:

If that adorable video isn’t enough to melt your heart, I don’t know what will. Indy is so tentative at first but then just boldly decides to go where no cat has gone before (with a little help from his human, of course).

One witty commenter pointed out that treadmills are the ultimate cat plaything — they push everything to the edge and make it fall, just like cats do around the house! Hilarious.

Indy has a brother named Santi and, for the most part, they get along pretty well. Of course, sibling rivalries are only natural from time to time:

Indy is the baby brother, after all, which means he has to pay his dues and earn Santi’s respect and affection.

They are so cute, just look at them:

If you need a little more adorable cat content in your life, Indy and Santi have their own YouTube Channel that’s just full of adorableness. We highly recommend you check it out the next time you’re feeling a little sad or bored!

What are your favorite cat antics? Any particular behaviors that never fail to make you chuckle?

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