Betty White has a serious fan club out there. And why shouldn’t she? She’s delightful.

Well, people hadn’t heard from White in a while and they started to get a bit worried. After all, she is 98 years old! People took to social media to voice their concerns.

Someone had the smarts to actually check in on White to give the rest of us some peace of mind. After seeing enough tweets like this one, a representative for White decided to speak up:


One of White’s reps told Today that White is actually living her best life right now. She’s not worried about a thing, what with regular visits from local wildlife:

“Betty has beautiful backyard with a number of wild animals visiting.

Two ducks always come by to say hello.

They waddle up to her glass door and look in.”

Her rep also said that “the animal community is watching over” White.

Phew. Animals have the best hearts, so of course they are protecting White! That makes perfect sense!

A friend of White’s also chimed in to add that White is finding ways to entertain herself that don’t involve binge-watching old “Golden Girls” episodes. No boredom here!

One of White’s pastimes as of late has been reading the newspaper. Chiefly, the Los Angeles Times “cover to cover.”

Said Tom Sullivan, an entertainer and one of her friends…

“She owns literally thousands of crossword puzzle books and is constantly doing them to keep her mind jumping.

This is really serious with her.”

We’re so relieved to hear that White is finding ways to keep her mind sharp at 98. That’s amazing news for us “Golden Girls” fans out here.

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