Kids like to ask questions. They also like to ask parents (and anyone else who will listen) “WHY?”

About everything you could ever imagine. Most of the time adults can give them an answer or at least make one up, but sometimes…there is no answer. And Google can’t even help.

AskReddit users shared their funny personal stories.

1. That one backfired.

“My 4-yr-old asked me, “How many arms does an octopus have?”

“Eight,” I replied.

“Hmm, let’s ask google,” my son said, doubting the veracity of my answer.

“Fine,” I say. “OK Google, how many arms does an octopus have?”

“Six,” she replies.

Aughhhhhhh. Thanks a lot, Google.”

2. The first mother.

“My niece, 5 at the time, asked me who was the first mother.. I was confused and asked “what do you mean? Your mother’s mother?” And she goes, “no, my mother’s mother had a mother, and then she had a mother too, but how far does it go, who was the first mother?””

3. But, why?

“Not a parent but I was babysitting a 4 yr old and the child pointed to a cooler out in the backyard and said,

Child: “Do you want to go die in that cooler out there?“

Me: “No thank you.”

Child: “Why not? I would enjoy watching that.”

Me: “Because I like my life the way it is, I’m happy and there’s no need to die yet.”

Child: “Why?”

Pretty sure I babysat a future serial killer.”

4. In outer space.

“Why was I in space before your tummy?”

……tell me more kid”

5. No answer for that.

“My little cousin once asked why Spider-Man doesn’t shoot webs out of his butt like a normal spider. I still don’t have an answer for him.”

6. Mind. Blown.

“‘Why is green?’ A genuine question my daughter asked. Not, ‘ Why is X green?’ Just ‘Why is green?'”

7. Stumped!

“Do caterpillars burp?”

Google had no idea.

8. That’s kind of brilliant.

“Not my child but my little cousin asked me did dinosaurs know humans could be fat.”

9. Two very important questions.

“She asked me if employees come to their work on their off day, do they get to use the employee bathroom or the customer bathroom.”

10. Never thought about that before.

“This isn’t a why question, but my kid asked me “what’s your favourite stairs?” two weeks ago and I’m still confused.”

11. Eyes burning right through you.

“My 1st grader asked in front of her entire classroom, why does the Tooth Fairy want my teeth? Thirty 6 year olds looked at me for the answer.”

12. Hmmmmmm.

“”If there really were dragons, what would they cost?”

13. Aging in reverse.

“Daddy, are you going to be a boy when you grow down?”

14. What are we doing here?

“My son asks me everyday “why are we on this planet? Why are we here!” Hes four man. What do I answer?!”

15. No answer for that one.

“When I was in the army and back home on mid tour leave my 5 year old neice asked me “Uncle Tupiekit….what is war?”

Like shit kid I don’t even know that answer.”

16. Kangaroo roots.

“Why do we put one leg forward and leg back while walking. Why cant both legs go together.

Clearly my 3 year old baby has still not forgotten her kangaroo life of her previous birth.”

17. I don’t have the answers.

“My nephew has had a couple of pretty good ones, like “why is it Thursday?” and “why are hands attached to arms?” and “why is that a fox?”, but my singular favourite has to be “what is outside for?” I don’t really know, man.”

18. Deeeeeeep thoughts.

“At 4 yrs old she asked me, “Why is happiness important?*

Turns out, it’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer.”

19. Rapid-fire questions.

“I was heading back from a game on the train a few years ago and there was a boy and his dad. Kid was 5 or 6.

For a solid 90 minutes, that kid asked his dad question after question after question. His dad answered every single one patiently, simply and handled all the followups. He listened to the kid, thought for a moment, and then calmly blew the kid’s mind over and over again.

“Dad, what’s that in that field?” “Dad, why are the lights on the ceiling instead of the floor?” “Dad, what are bins made of?” “Dad, who knows where we are now?” and so on. The kid was so wonderfully curious.

By an hour in, all the seats around were listening in and grinning at each other. I learned all sorts of stuff listening in. It was incredible. I’m a dad now and I just hope I can be like that dad for my kids, it was amazing.”

20. Might have a solution there.

“When my daughter was 4 or 5, she’d get on a “why” roll. And would just rapid fire questions without ever waiting for an answer. She’d just get that little mouth motor warmed up and off she’d go.

So one day, in a bit of daddy frustration, I asked her “why do you ask so many questions?”

She looked at me and said “Why do I?”

And that was that – and I went to do something else.”

Those stories are hilarious.

Has this happened to any of you readers out there?

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