Liz Plank is a journalist and the author of For the Love of Men: A New Vision for Mindful Masculinity. 

She’s also pretty persuasive as she got an entire plane load of people to perform a special choreographed dance to the Wham! Christmas classic, Last Christmas.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Then, in an incredible show of giving Christmas spirit, she filmed and posted a video of the performance  on TikTok.

The dance is all hand moves, but they were exquisite hand moves.

The video shows a full cabin of passengers nonchalantly making chitchat. Then, you hear Wham! singing their famous chorus. The chatting stops and everyone performs their synchronized movements with all the professionalism of a Broadway show.

Plank captioned her video with, ”convinced my entire plane to do this don’t let this flop!” She hashtagged it #LastChristmasmovie.

Plank must have mad leadership skills to get the whole plane involved. It really looks like a Hollywood studio short.

Others must think so too. Over 6 million people have liked it on TikTok.

The 1984 hit is always on heavy rotation on radio stations at holiday time. It’s even used in a romantic-comedy of the same name starring Emilia Clarke.

But to get an entire plane to do a little hand dance to it? Liz Plank, I want to party with you.