Just when you thought you could finally take a break from looking at pictures of cats, one comes along that is so cute, you’re sucked back in.

Introducing Bell.


Look at that gorgeous tail!


It is the squirrely-ish tail ever on a cat.


Bell’s owner is Instagram user ricorico_rico. They have several adorable and fluffy animals that play with Bell and each other. Fortunately, we can watch their little games through the magic of Instagram.

Bell and her friends have over 150,000 followers on their Instagram, all there to see the sheer fluffiness.


The whole family–Bell, Suzu, Lindor and their owner–lives in Japan.


Bell is a breed called Minuet.

Minuets are also known as Napoleons.


They are a mix of Persians and Munchkins.



The breed is famous for their beautiful coats and majestic tails. They also have short legs, but they are still very agile and playful.

Despite their fluffy, princess appearance, they are sturdy animals with few health problems. They were specially bred so they don’t have the issues that sometimes plague Persians, like tear-duct problems and fur that is easily matted.

What do you think of Bell? Have you ever seen any cat like her?

Let us know in the comments! And post pics if you have them!