Well, this sure is a weird one and I honestly have never heard a story quite like this before…

A person shared their story on the “Am I the *sshole?” page on Reddit a very bizarre demand from their neighbor.

Let’s dive straight into this one!

AITA for not paying for my neighbor’s dog’s “child support”? Yes you read that right

“This story is going to sound ridiculous, especially with that story from yesterday about the dogs cheating but I assure you this isn’t a sh*tpost

My neighbor’s dog recently got pregnant and she claims my dog did it, which is likely because her dog often escaped into my yard and she lets her dog roam around it. It’s annoying cuz her dog sh*ts in my yard.

Well now that she’s pregnant she’s pissed because hers was a purebred and she wanted to breed it. She says she’s entitled to financial compensation and I’ll have to pay “child support” for the pups as it’ll cost her to take care of them.

I laughed my *ss off and sad fat chance and no way in hell I’m paying for her dogs child support and this is the dumbest sh*t I’ve ever heard of.

She’s threatening legal action and I’m pretty sure she can’t do anything, she did nothing to stop her dog from entering my yard and often encouraged it, she just assumed my dog was neutered, she can’t prove my dog impregnated hers and lastly I don’t think child support works for dogs.”

Oh my…this is pretty wild. And here’s how Reddit users responded.

This person thinks that the writer is definitely NOT the *sshole here and that the neighbor should have kept a closer eye on their dog if they’re so concerned about her breeding partners.

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This individual thinks that the neighbor kind of seems like a bit of a deadbeat and maybe needs to get a real job.

And they encouraged other folks to go to a shelter to get a dog instead of an expensive breeder.

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This Reddit user made it clear: the person who wrote the post did nothing wrong and the neighbor’s pet was on their property. Period.

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Another reader said that everyone involved in this situation is at fault.

Neuter your pets, people!

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Another person chimed in and said no matter how fired up the neighbor gets, they probably don’t have a good enough case to sue the writer of the story.

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Well, this sure is a weird one.

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