You did this!

Well, as you know, nobody ever wants to hear that…especially when it comes to getting dumped and having your heart trampled all over the floor.

And then what happens if your parents give you a hard time about it? That kinda sucks…but maybe certain people need to get the straight dope once in a while.

This man opened up on the Reddit “Am I the *sshole” page to see what people thought of his interesting story.

AITA for telling my son he deserved his gf breaking up with him?

“So my son had a long-distance gf recently for about two years.

She was great, a really nice girl and we all loved her welcomed her with open arms. She was flying here constantly to visit him, like a weekend a month and he didn’t lift a finger to go visit her.

I tried talking to him about it several times and told him he should really start looking into flying over to her instead of expecting her to do all the traveling. He said no.

And my wife probably had something to do with it as she constantly told him she was afraid of him flying. I spoke to them both and said this girl is great for him, she was willing to move over to our country too, but said there was one condition and that was he’d have to fly over to her country too. Which is fair enough.

He said no, he didn’t want to fly or travel anywhere. My son was becoming lazier and lazier, eventually telling his gf and us that he was perfectly fine never traveling anywhere including holidays etc.

Last week, he told us she’s dumped him. I went on her fb page as we’re all still friends (she wrote us an apology letter about how she’s upset it didn’t work out but these things happen, so we’re on good terms) and looks like she’s with a new guy already. Me and my wife have no doubt she was seeing him whilst still in a relationship with my son.

I confessed to them both that I actually agree with her decision and he should have expected it. He did not treat her properly and I hope he learns lessons for the next one because he needs to make more of an effort.

I said he deserves it for his lack of effort in the relationship and for essentially just allowing this girl to spend all her money and time coming here all the time.

Wife and son are very upset that I said this. Very very upset and my wife says I am being horrible.

AITA? I stand by what I said.”

People on Reddit weighed in with their thoughts on the situation.

This person said the father was not wrong for telling his son he deserved to get dumped.

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This Reddit user made a good point about the son seeming to think that his now ex-girlfriend should be the one putting in all the work.

Doesn’t work that way, son!

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Another person was surprised by the son’s age because she thought the father was dealing with a teenager.

Not the *sshole!

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This person didn’t think the guy was wrong but also saw the wife’s point of view and why she would be upset with her husband’s comments.

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And, finally, this person thinks EVERYONE involved is wrong!

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