Having to say goodbye to our pets and put them down when they are too sick or too old to have a good quality of life any longer is extremely hard and sad.

I’ve been through it a few times and it never gets any easier, as I’m sure that many of you probably know. But a dog groomer made a video on TikTok that I think all pet owners need to see it and take it seriously.

The woman’s name is Vanessa De Prophetis and she owns Perfect Pooches Dog Grooming in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. She’s become popular on TikTok for giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the world of dog grooming.


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De Prophetis also makes videos that offer up good tips for pet owners, like this one.


But one of her videos definitely has a different tone and message to it. This one is about pet owners who decide to get their animals “end of life” groomings so they will look good in their last days and hours.

She argues that these last groomings are not enjoyable for the animals, as they are already in pain and uncomfortable. These visits are scary for dogs and cause even more anxiety for them than they are going through.

De Prophetis says she realizes that the hearts of owners are in the right place, but people should not make their pets go through this at the end of their lives.

De Prophetis’ video speaks for itself. Take a look below.


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