To all the parents out there who are dealing with their kids learning from home, we salute you…because it can’t be easy for you OR the kiddos who are pretty much housebound during the pandemic that we’re all living through.

But out of all uncertainty and hard times, we occasionally get wholesome stories about everyday people doing great and generous things for other folks…and here’s a good one for you to enjoy.

A woodworker named Mitch Couch made a desk for his kids to work at while learning from home and he shared a photo of the desk on Instagram and remarked how cheap and easy it was to build.


A local business owner learned about Couch’s work and got in touch with him and asked if he would make more desks to be donated to local schools. Couch immediately said yes and got busy making 35 desks for kids in his community.


A local company in Lemoore, California, where Couch lives called Grocery Outlet generously donated the supplies to help out with this important project.

If you’re interested in building a desk like the one that Couch made for the kids, check out his website HERE for instructions. His website also offers advice on all kinds of DIY building projects.

What a nice act of kindness!

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