If you live in the States, there’s a good chance you have feelings and opinions on the healthcare system, which remains largely private and tied to employment.

If you’ve had a baby in the States, you’ve likely gaped at your hospital bill, whether or not you had “good insurance” at the time. Even with an uncomplicated birth and insurance, I know I was looking at a bill that was at least $5k per kid out of my own pocket.

We hear that healthcare costs are much cheaper – or even nonexistent – around the world, and if you’re wondering how true that is, buckle up. These 12 people are sharing what having a baby cost them outside of America.

11. Everything is free in Norway.

I wonder if that’s the country’s slogan.


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10. Less than $100 in Manitoba, Canada.

I would have fainted dead away…from happiness.


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9. My friend just LIVES in the UK and her birth was free.

Also, they get money every month to use to pay for baby things.


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8. They only paid for parking.

At least our parking was free? Ha!


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7. Parking again.

And they’re complaining about it. If I didn’t laugh I would cry.


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6. New Zealand lets you have babies for free, too.

What a concept!


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5. Even a complicated birth costs you nothing.

Which makes sense, because it’s not your fault?


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4. This Canadian paid a little more than $100.

But only because she wanted a private room.


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3. Nothing in Greenland, either.

Absolutely zero.


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2. Not only do people in Denmark not have to pay to have babies…

The government pays THEM to stay home and TAKE CARE OF those babies. Whoa.


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1. And yeah, it’s been like this for a long time.

Long enough for the U.S. to verify that it works.


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It’s kind of shocking, don’t you think? And not at all in a good way – in a way that makes you realize we don’t have to live like this, right?

If you had a baby in America, what did it cost? What did it cost you elsewhere? Let’s keep comparing and contrasting in the comments.