If you live in the States, there’s a good chance you have feelings and opinions on the healthcare system, which remains largely private and tied to employment.

If you’ve had a baby in the States, you’ve likely gaped at your hospital bill, whether or not you had “good insurance” at the time. Even with an uncomplicated birth and insurance, I know I was looking at a bill that was at least $5k per kid out of my own pocket.

We hear that healthcare costs are much cheaper – or even nonexistent – around the world, and if you’re wondering how true that is, buckle up. These 12 people are sharing what having a baby cost them outside of America.

11. Everything is free in Norway.

I wonder if that’s the country’s slogan.


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10. Less than $100 in Manitoba, Canada.

I would have fainted dead away…from happiness.


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9. My friend just LIVES in the UK and her birth was free.

Also, they get money every month to use to pay for baby things.


8. They only paid for parking.

At least our parking was free? Ha!


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7. Parking again.

And they’re complaining about it. If I didn’t laugh I would cry.


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6. New Zealand lets you have babies for free, too.

What a concept!


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5. Even a complicated birth costs you nothing.

Which makes sense, because it’s not your fault?


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4. This Canadian paid a little more than $100.

But only because she wanted a private room.


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3. Nothing in Greenland, either.

Absolutely zero.


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2. Not only do people in Denmark not have to pay to have babies…

The government pays THEM to stay home and TAKE CARE OF those babies. Whoa.


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1. And yeah, it’s been like this for a long time.

Long enough for the U.S. to verify that it works.


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It’s kind of shocking, don’t you think? And not at all in a good way – in a way that makes you realize we don’t have to live like this, right?

If you had a baby in America, what did it cost? What did it cost you elsewhere? Let’s keep comparing and contrasting in the comments.