This is gonna be fun!

Because we all love hypothetical situations where we get to imagine crazy and hilarious scenarios.

And this is definitely one of them!

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1. LOL.

“A “live laugh love” sign on the wall.

“Man there’s not going to be anything worth taking here”.”

2. Doesn’t sound good.

“When they heard my demented cackling, followed by my 230+ pound carcass launching off the top of the stairs and attacking like a demented chimpanzee on crack.”

3. Oops.

“Lots of biohazard symbols and medical equipment everywhere with some scientists laying on the floor covered in pox.”

4. That’s amazing.

“Guys once broke into Dolph Lundgren’s house

They looked at the pictures

Realised whose house they broke into

Apologized and left.”

5. Time to leave.

“My martial arts and running medals and a few trophies, various weapons, books about poisonous plants, and a giant pink 13 inches fat d*(do (cherry scented).”

6. Disgusting.


Just dirty diapers, cigarette butts, cats, and stacks of old newspapers f**king everywhere.”

7. Sounds scary.

“The floor covered in Lego, shortly before hearing a crash, as a large container that he just tripped falls behind him, covering his retreat.

Shall we play a game?”

8. Good point.

“If he’s in the U.S., don’t rob a house with an American flag at the front 99.9% chance they have a gun and will use it.”

9. Big mistake.

“Hiking gear. Hunting gear. Knife collection.

The crystal sharp axe mounted on the wall next to my bed.”

10. Sorry, guys…

“A bunch of guys with neck tattoos, wearing suits, and playing poker around a table.”

11. Sick!

“His own blood after my dog bit him.

Don’t come in my house uninvited or with bad intentions. He’s an old f**ker but you better hope I catch him before he catches you.

His growl is the most intimidating thing about him though. Even sends a chill down my spine when I hear it.”

12. But still…

“Seeing my boxing and BJJ gear.

Of course, I’m reasonably s**t at both, but still….”

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