Til death do us part

Do you remember when you said that as you stared into your partner’s eyes? And you thought you would live happily ever after?

Well, look at you now…I bet you had no idea that your life would now consist of petty arguments about how to load the dishwasher…you were so naive…

Just kidding! We’re happy for you and I’m sure the whole marriage thing is going swimmingly, but you have to admit that there are a lot of funny and quirky (and sometimes annoying) things about being married.

And these tweets nailed it! Let’s take a look.

1. Yeah, pretty much sums it up.

Give me back my heat!

2. Could this really be happening?

Say it ain’t so!

3. I think he’s right about this.

I’m on his side on this one!

4. I’m right over here!

Wait, did you just say that out loud?

5. This is a classic husband joke.

You really nailed it!


6. Not so fast!

It’s always your fault, dude.

7. You’re right, it’s blowing up!

That’s called “going viral.”


8. Sounds like a blast!

You know this happens to you, too.

9. That didn’t work out so well…

Honey, don’t do that anymore…

10. Proving your point.

And doing it in style!

11. We did this?

Are you sure about that?

12. Always a rude awakening.

Don’t do that again!


How about all of you out there?

Are things in your house a little tense these days or is everything A-OK?

Talk to us in the comments and give us an update!