There’s so much drama and BS in the world today. Everywhere you look, negativity seems ready to rear its ugly head at a moment’s notice. That’s why wholesome encounters like the one Ariana Grande just shared with Jim Carrey are so awesome!

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Recently, the pop singer shared a quote about depression on her Instagram stories. She attributed the quote to the source she’d first seen it from – Jim Carrey. It read:

Depression is your body saying, ‘I don’t want to be this character anymore. I don’t want to hold up this avatar that you’ve created in the world. It’s too much for me. You should think of the word ‘depressed’ as ‘deep rest.’ Your body needs to be depressed. It needs deep rest from the character that you’ve been trying to play.

It didn’t take long for that mention to make its way back to Carrey, who responded with the following message on Twitter:

Now, that is already a great interaction in and of itself, but it gets even better when you realize that Grande is a HUGE, lifelong fan of Jim Carrey. She actually met him in 2014 and posted the following video of her fan-girling out.


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me meeting Jim Carrey (but why is Alexa laughing at me behind the camera)

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Obviously, getting a direct mention from her hero had Ariana feelin’ all types of ways:

The real kicker? One of Grande’s old screen names was literally “jimcarreyfan42!”

Naturally, Twitter was thrilled:

What an awesome, entirely wholesome interaction!