It was always one of my childhood dreams to become a zookeeper…but then I realized I was really bad at science and there was no way in hell I’d be able to ever do anything with animals or medicine…

But these days, I get to live vicariously through other folks who make a living working with animals, and that’s just about the best thing I could ask for!

And one great example is a zookeeper in Australia named Chad Staples. He shares great and wholesome photos of his daily activities on his Instagram page and we think you’re gonna love it. We know we do in a major way!

Let’s take a look at some of Staples’ photos from his job. Enjoy!

1. I think you have a new friend.

That’s a huge tongue bath!


2. Not as vicious as you might think.

Say cheese!


3. I love that face!

Chad looks pretty good, too.


4. Come in for some snuggles.

That’s a good tiger.


5. Who doesn’t love koalas?

They got plenty of them Down Under!


6. Feeding a wombat a bottle.

How adorable is this?


7. That animal is ENORMOUS!

His caption on this photo is right on.


8. Get a load of these dingo babies!

Are they precious, or what?


9. I call this one “wombat love.”

Be careful of those nails, though.


10. Oh my gosh, I can barely handle this one.

Look at how adorable this little fella is.


11. A true gentle giant.

Big love!


12. Climb aboard!

They seem very lovable.


This guy rules! And the animal ain’t half-bad, either!

And now we want to hear from YOU.

In the comments, tell us about your favorite zoo that you’ve ever been to in your whole life.

Thanks in advance!