Sometimes we could all use a helping hand. And in the case of one author, he’s providing much more than that.

Frederick Joseph has utilized his platform as an author and marketer with more than 76,000 Twitter followers to put cash in the pockets of people in need. With the coronavirus pandemic putting many people out of work, any financial help represents a life-changing morale boost.

While some people have elected to donate to larger charities, Joseph has taken it upon himself to create his own relief fund through his clever #RentRelief GoFundMe campaign. So far, the author has raised nearly $300,000 that’s been distributed in individual $200 cash payments to needy people.

So how does it work exactly?

You must follow Joseph on Twitter or Instagram and leave a comment on how a $200 cash payment would help out your situation. Once his team verifies an account, a user will receive the $200 cash payment through PayPal, Venmo or other cash applications. He has managed to help countless people so far, and their appreciation speaks wonders about his selfless act.


Donations come through GoFundMe. Joseph has managed to help more than 1,000 individuals with his brilliant social media-driven fundraising campaign. However, as he told People magazine, “It’s kind of hell on earth [choosing] because for every one person that you’re giving to, there are a thousand others who aren’t getting.”

Still, his incredible generosity and ability to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations has helped countless people during tough economic times.


Joseph has become somewhat of a social media sensation. In fact, his incredible efforts got noticed by TV star Wendy Williams, who recently interviewed the author.


Frederick Joseph has proven that paying it forward really does work. For some, $200 can mean the difference between keeping the lights on or putting food on the table. Anyone who has the ability to donate for the greater good should consider supporting his #RentRelief campaign.

Every dollar counts.