Is there anything more satisfying than an incredibly awkward story that makes you cringe in fear and embarrassment?

I’m talking about one that didn’t happen to YOU?

I don’t think there is, but hey, that’s just me

And even if you don’t think they’re the greatest things out there, I think you’ll agree that awkward stories are pretty amazing.

Here are some good ones to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

1. Oh…sorry for your loss.

Talk about putting your foot in your mouth…

2. This is absolutely disgusting.

And I’m wondering if he broke up with you on the spot.

3. Ouch. This one hurts…

She could have just kept her mouth shut!

4. You can find me in the club.

Sam’s Club, that is…being embarrassed by my mom.

5. Another major hiccup.

Also, we are terribly sorry for your loss.

6. You totally got punked by your students.

You should have known this was coming…just sayin’…

7. Can you come out and play?

Wow, this one is pretty brutal.

8. That’s not what he meant.

But who knows, maybe he enjoyed it.

9. You really blew it this time.

And you can never go back into that building again.

10. Ma’am, your weave is hanging out of your trunk.

They thought it was a body!

11. Maybe just keep your mouth shut next time.

Silence is golden, ya know?

What’s your most cringeworthy story? We’re sure you have quite a few.

Talk to us in the comments and spill your guts!

We’d love to hear all of your hilariously awkward stories!

Thanks, fam!