Seeing your baby for the first time is a moment parents never forget. And, this couple in Brazil will have a particularly sweet memory of their daughter’s birth.

New dad, Flavio Dantas, had waited patiently for this meeting, regularly talking to his daughter while she was still in the womb. After their little girl, Antonella finally arrived and she heard his voice, she responded with a most angelic smile.

Dantas posted about the magical event on Instagram. “I can’t explain the feeling I felt at that moment. Every day I talked to my daughter in her mother’s womb, I always told her that I loved her, that Dad was there and that I was going to be the best father in the world! When she was born, how did she repay me? With the sweetest smile ever.”


He was so proud of his little girl he posted photo after photo on Instagram gushing with love. “Much love in this photo,” he wrote.


“God gave me my biggest reason to raise my head, let go of sadness and go after the world to be able to give you,” he wrote in another beautiful post.


Antonella’s mother, Tarsila, also posted photos with captions reflecting her strong faith in God. “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it” – Proverbs 22:6.


This little family living in Rio de Janiero shows so much pure love for each other. Little Antonella will always know she how much she was wanted, wished for and prayed for. After all, she heard the words before she was even born.

So sweet!