There’s a secret menu item at Disneyland’s Trader Sam’s and it’s so adorable and fun—Baby Yoda cocktails!

They’ve also been spotted at Disney World’s Polynesian Village…and beyond.


Seems as if bartenders have gotten inspired by Disney’s new sensation, The Mandalorian and its star, Baby Yoda.

The drinks aren’t on any menu, but thanks to social media, visitors are ordering them anyway. Baby Yoda, or The Child as he’s officially known on the Disney + show, has become a fan obsession lately.


Instagrammer weeatatdisneyland posted their green-colored cocktail, and described it as having tropical flavors of pineapple and coconut, with sweetened blueberries for eyes and limes slices for ears.

His little robe is a cocktail napkin secured around the stem of a martini glass with a piece of bamboo. A smile appears at the bottom of the glass courtesy of a bit of grenadine.

“Not on the menu,” they post, “but ask the bartender for ‘The Child’ or even just ‘the Baby Yoda drink.’”

But, even if you don’t have plans to visit Disney, neither Land nor World, worry, you shouldn’t. These out-of-this world cocktail is getting around and showing up in more places than just Disneyland!



Other hotels, restaurants and bars are getting into the Baby Yoda craze and coming up with concoctions of their own.


Whether you find Baby Yoda cocktails in this galaxy or in one far, far away, take a picture before you imbibe. They grow up so fast. 🙂

What do you think? Would you grab one of these if you’re at Disneyland! Or would you ask for one at your local bar?

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