We may think of cows as kind of dumb and content with their fates, but every once in a while, one cow tells us she knows what’s up.

In Poland, a cow escaped her farm and the eventual slaughterhouse, and sought the protection of a local herd of bison.

Here’s proof that she now lives and plays among them with wild abandon.

Director of the Mammal Research Institute at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Rafal Kowalczyk, took the picture of this savvy (not savory) girl roaming the fields adjacent to the Bialowieza Forest in eastern Poland, with her new BFFs.

People loved seeing this bovine beauty taking control of her life. So much so that she CBS News decided to do a story about her!

While the idea of a young cow breaking the confines of her evil farmer overlord, escaping certain death and then leading her best life with the local rebel bison gang is romantic, it’s actually not.

A couple of bad things could happen. She will eventually mate and may die during her delivery of a much bigger calf than her body can handle. Then, the hybrid calf will contaminate the herd weakening its future members.

Photo Credit: Youtube

For those reasons, institute researchers will try to locate the cow again in the summer and remove her.

Aww. I know it’s for her own well-being, but I do love a good “rebel without a cause” story.