The age-old battle between how much parents should pay babysitters reared its ugly head again in a back-and-forth of epic proportions between a mom and a babysitter who was fed up with the extremely low amount of pay she was getting.

And get this… it isn’t the babysitter lashing out. It’s the mom.

And ohhhhh… did she get absolutely roasted.

Let’s take a look at this testy exchange from Reddit.

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Two dollars and fifty cents an hour?!?! That is INSANITY. I don’t care what job you’re doing.

“I thought she was my friend!” the mom said. This woman sounds like a real delight.

Yeah, do you treat your friends like indentured servants?

(True story, I pay my mom $100 to walk my dog 5 times a week for an hour apiece when I’m at work. Because, you know, that’s how these things work!)

So, anyway… the replies came a’ rolling in.

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“Easy money.”

Again, let me say that paying someone $2.50 an hour is demeaning and embarrassing.

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It looks like the babysitter saw everything that was written about her being “ungrateful” for that amazing gig.

Then the babysitter really put this mom in her place.

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Rude and entitled sounds about right.

The battle continued…and mom was not happy at all.

And she didn’t appreciate the comment about her new Lexus.

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Oh, boy…that didn’t go well. I gotta say, I’m with the babysitter on this one.

What do you think about this situation? Who’s right and who’s wrong?

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