A sweet video of a boy singing Dan + Shay and Justin Beiber’s “10,000 Hours” to his little brother born with Down syndrome has gone viral.

You can see the loving connection the brothers already have in the video. As big brother Rayce sings, the baby in his arms looks up at him with adoration.

The boys’ mother, Nicole Powell of Cabot, Arkansas, filmed the bonding between her two sons, Rayce and Tripp, and posted it to social media.

She wrote,

”This is how Rayce bonds with Tripp.

He sings to him all the time.

He swears this song is about him and his brother.”

The boys gaze at each other as Rayce sings. It’s a beautiful, touching and utterly shareable. It’s been viewed and shared by millions of people by now.

Powell put it this way,

“Love doesn’t count chromosomes.

Or as Rayce says, ‘Aren’t we all different?'”

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She and Tripp’s father, JJ Grieves, call Tripp their miracle baby.

When doctors gave them Tripp’s prognosis, they warned them about the low quality of life Tripp would have. Powell’s doctor urged her to abort Tripp, which to Powell was unthinkable.

Grieves told WFMY,

“He’s the same as the rest of us.

He just takes a little longer to learn, a little more caring, a little bit more loving, but isn’t that what the world needs?”

We couldn’t agree more!