It’s a difficult time to be a police officer in the United States. It’s even more difficult when a body camera can capture any mistakes or slip-ups. But even during this trying time in world history, that same body camera can also record some truly heartwarming moments.

And in the case of two Georgia police officers, their kindness got captured on video and has generated a ton of praise on social media.

Two Gwinnett County police officers approached a woman who was walking home one evening. Sergeant Nick Boney and Officer Jimmy Wilson engaged in conversation with the woman. All of that interaction and the subsequent surprise was captured on their department-issues body cameras.

In the video, Boney can be heard saying, “How you doing ma’am? Where you trying to get to?”

The woman explained that it was her daughter’s first birthday.

Incredibly, Sergeant Boney gave his credit card to the mother in order for her to buy a birthday cake complete with a candle to mark her daughter’s special celebration. The officers then gave the woman a ride home and even stopped in to give her daughter a hug and extend her birthday wishes.

What’s most special about this story is that happened all the way back in January. In fact, the story only came about when the police department was conducting an audit of body camera footage.

A supervisor discovered the touching footage, which has now become a trending story on social media.

Despite the newfound attention, Sergeant Boney was quick to dismiss it as anything heroic.

“I don’t think it has anything to do in general with being a police officer,” Boney told CBS News. “I think a lot of people do that every day. It just doesn’t get seen.”

The officers’ kind act certainly made for a memorable first birthday story for the mother and her daughter.

A little kindness really does go a long way.